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Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
be held tomasz kaczooka ... one of two new york firefighters who was firr.on sunday... thousands gathered to rememberrthe ooher victim... police liiutenant michael chiaaperiii.both firefighters were gunned down py an ex-con... who police say deliberatelyyset his house on fire... to lure fire crews into a deadly ambush.police say the gunman... william injured 2 others... before turning theegun on himself last week. 3a nee york woman is charged hate crime... for allegedly pushing a man in front of a subway train.this issthe surveillance video... captured lasttweek.police saaythe suspect... erika menendezz.. &ptold officers she pushed a muslim off the train trrcks muslims ever sinceethe attacks at the world trade center in 2001.witnessss say they aa a womannpacing the platform and muttering to herseef... just moments beforr pushing her victim. this was the second time this month... someene as shoved to their ddath in front of aa approaching train. morre han 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage....adam lanza's body ii claamed for burial. burial.according to the sta
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
... police are searching for a suspect... who reporteddy puuhee a man to his death on a new york subway this month... somethhng like -3 &pthii has happened. happened.take a look t the surveiilance video of the poman they believe is the suspect. witnesses say she wws pacing on the train platform in queens... talking to herself before he took a ssat. when the trainnwas pulling into the station... she allegedly got up... pushed the maa onto the tracks... then ran away... leaving many people in shock. these days there are so many people that's crazy. you know pan't believe these things - happen in this area." area."police have not yett identifiid the victim. it's &pallo unclear if theetwo knew scientists are now looking intt the d-n-a of the man behind the sandy hook elementary school massacre... for clues as to what made hhm s. a first-of-its-kind study... eneticisss are doing a complete analyyis of adam llnza's d---a.they are looking for mutations associaaed with mental illness... that could leaa tooan increased risk for violence.but eeperrs ay thatt there's o proof that people in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2